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Edmunds Family Photographs

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This page has pictures of the Edmunds family. It is essentially a photo album rather than a family history, which is available elsewhere, off line. Since the earliest members of the family of whom I have photographs are Henry R. Edmunds I and his wife Anna Hunter Welsh Edmunds, we start there, rather than with his earlier generations going back to those who lived in Cape May County, New Jersey, and hers which go back to John Howland and the Mayflower.

HENRY REEVES EDMUNDS, son of Franklin Davenport Edmunds and Ann Marshall (Stanger), was born 17 January 1840 in the old Southwark district of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He went to public schools: Mount Vernon School and Boys Central High School. He graduated from the latter in June 1856. He clerked for a while in the drug business, then read law in the office of John O'Brien, and was admitted to the bar 19 January 1861. He practiced admiralty law, and also owned at least one vessel. In 1883 he represented clients in the famous Alabama Claims case.

     Henry served as Assistant City Solicitor in 1870-1871, and was a member of the Board of Port Wardens in 1872. He was active in Benjamin Harrison's presidential campaign in 1886. He served as United States Commissioner for the Eastern District of Penna. from 4 April 1883 to 8 May 1913, when he was succeeded by his son, Charles Welsh Edmunds. But his major public service was to the Philadelphia Board of Public Education (Dec. 1889-1919) and to the Board of Trustees of the Free Library (Jan. 1900-May 1923). He was President of the School Board from Jan. 1902 until Oct. 1917, when he resigned because of his increasing hearing impairment. It was in his capacity as president of the board of the Free Library that he laid the cornerstone of the new central building of the Free Public Library on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway. This was his last appearance at a public function, disregarding his physician's orders, and the downpour of rain.

Portrait of Henry R. Edmunds, hanging in the Free Library of Philadelphia, and the cornerstone of the Free Library of Philadelphia.

     photos taken in 1989

Henry was a member of Trinity Protestant Episcopal Church in Southwark, singing tenor in the choir, serving as vestryman (1868-1883), and as a member of the Rectory Association (1872-1883). There he married a fellow church member, Anna Hunter Welsh, the daughter of Charles and Adeline (Hufty) Welsh. They were married on 27 April 1871 by the Rev. Jesse Y. Burke.

     In 1864 Henry purchased a house at 619 South Tenth Street in Philadelphia where he and his siblings lived with their widowed mother, until 1883. That year he bought the large residence of the late George Goodwin, theater manager, at 808 North Broad Street. He and his family lived there until "the encroachments of mercantile buildings made the neighborhood undesireable" and he moved in 1917 to 1505 North Sixteenth Street. Henry also had a summer residence, first in Unionville, New Jersey, near his mother's ancestors in Glassboro, which his brother Richard farmed. He sold this in 1884 and bought "The Ferns" on Fairthorne Avenue, Roxborough, a short walk from the Wissahickon Drive.

     A few pieces of the Welsh family china (many of the pieces were stolen from AWE II's locker).

     Henry and Anna had  four children:

1. Charles Welsh Edmunds, born 24 April 1872; died 26 April 1918; unmarried.

2. Franklin Davenport Edmunds, born 10 October 1874; died 3 July 1948; married 26 June 1909 Sue Price Paxton.

3. Adeline Welsh Edmunds, born 6 April 1877; died 4 August 1950; married (1) 5 February 1919 Frederick Justinius Froriep; married (2) 30 January 1939 Charles Webster Neeld; no children.

4. Anna Grace Edmunds, born 8 May 1887; died ___; unmarried.

Adeline W. Edmunds Froriep and A. Grace Edmunds, photographed in 1927: 

The Edmunds family in 1917: standing: Grace with a pet, daughter-in-law Sue, Adeline; seated from left: Charles Edmunds holding his neice Adeline, Anne, Anna Hunter Welsh Edmunds, Henry R. Edmunds I. Photo taken by Franklin D. Edmunds.

FRANKLIN DAVENPORT EDMUNDS, second son of Henry and Anna, was born 10 October 1874. He was educated in Philadellphia public schools: Lyons, Spring Garden and Hancock, graduating from the Central Manual Training School in June 1893. Franklin received a B.S. in architecture in 1897 from the University of Pennsylvania, and also attended life and sketch classes at the Pennsylvania Museum and School of Industrial Art and at private studios. He studied abroad in the summer of 1897, and returned to Penn for post graduate work.

     Franklin D. Edmunds was an architect with broad interests, including hand setting type to print his own books, and making a model pullman railroad car. The latter was about 2 feet long:

     Although baptised in the Trinity Episcopal Church in Southwark, he later attended the Girard Avenue Friends Meeting (at 17th and Girard). He married on 26 June 1909 Sue Price Paxton at West Philadelphia Meeting (35th and Lancaster Ave.). The young couple moved into a new duplex at 6423 West Chester Pike, in Millbourne, just over the line in Delaware County.

6423 West Chester Pike in ca. 1940, and in 1996 

     Franklin and Sue had three children:

    1. Anne Price Paxton Edmunds

    2. Adeline Welsh Edmunds II

    3. Henry Reeves Edmunds II
Sue (on left) holding Adeline; on right is Sue's sister Ada (Paxton) Linvill, holding Barton; behind them is __, perhaps Sue and Ada's mother, Anne Jones Price Paxton? Sue's oldest daughter, Anne, seated on the floor.


Since Frank was the family photographer, it is not easy to find him in a picture. This commercial photo from a seashore studio shows Anne, Franklin, Sue, and Addie.

        Anne, Frank, and Addie, 8/16/1917                Addie and Anne, 11/14/1920                 Sue Price Paxton Edmunds

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