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The following people are the grandchildren of Tom and Anne.

Family Photographs

The purpose of this page is to post photographs for family and close friends. More substantive data is located elsewhere. I would be glad to post links to cousinly web pages. Let me know, or send me more photos.

"Chamomile", block print by Anne E. G. Nydam

All seven girl cousins

From left, by age: Gwyneth Anne, Heather, Anne, Jessica, Laura, Hevia, and Tamar. Edwardsville, July 1991.

Heather, Tom Edmunds, Gwyneth Anne, and Laura
Gwyneth Anne, Heather Anne, and Anne Edmunds: three cousins named for their grandmother


Seven of eleven cousins

From back left: Tom, Anne, Tamar, Alex; front row: Hevia, Heather, Laura. 6/25/2000.
Missing: Gwyneth Anne, Dan, Will, and Jessica. 

back row: Judi, Tom, Anne, Jessica, Heather; seated: Frank, Anne holding Alex, Marty, Ken, Hevia, Laura, Jessica, Tom-- at Mt. Hope State Park in Ohio
photo still to come
Gwynneth Anne and David 1992 Anne and David 1996 Will and Bonny 1998 Jessica and Peter 2000

"Mhorr's Gazelles", block print by Anne E. G. Nydam

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