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Joe Sugden

Joe was a professional baseball player. But more than that, he was a much beloved character around whom many stories revolve. His second marriage, to Mary (MacIntyre) Grundy, made him the only "granddad"  Lois and Ken knew. Joe's children by his first wife were Joe Jr., Mary, and Edna. Joe Jr. had two sons, JoeIII and Don Sugden.

Joe was a wonderfully colorful character. There have been at least three essays written about him. There is the piece about Joe as scout., about Ty Cobb and a 1912 players' strike, and about Joe's attitude toward the game.

Joe was a professional baseball player. He played in the major leagues for 12 years, but his career in baseball lasted until his death in 1959 at age 88. As a player he was a catcher, but he played practically every position.  He even played shortstop one game using a catcher's mitt; not coincidently he committed seven errors that game.  Joe coached, managed, scouted and in one famous incident hired a team of amateurs to wear the Detroit Tigers' uniform to play against the Philadelphia Athletics. See the 1912 game. Joe had his own baseball cards, several of them, and much later, his calling card as a scout for the St. Louis Cardinals.

card from the collection of _____                    reproduction card, courtesy of Bud Dawson

St. Louis Cards souvenir penknife

  Joe's business card

            Photo of Joe in Sporting Life.                 and much later, as he is remembered by his step-grandchildren

Christmas dinner at the Grundy's: Ken, Alma, Mary and Joe Sugden
Bill doing the honors with the turkey.

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