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The purpose of this page is to post photographs of several generations of the family of Samuel F. Balderston. If there is a large public demand (i.e. if more than two family members speak up) at a later time additional genealogical text can be added.

The earliest images I have are a deguerreotype of Eli Balderston, and a photograph of John Griffith and his wife Rachel (Hackney).

            Eli Balderston                    The Griffith line goes back hundreds of years.            Rachel (Hackney) and John Griffith

Eli and his wife Esther (Brown) were members of Baltimore Monthly Meeting, while John and Rachel were members of Hopewell Meeting near Winchester, Virginia. Here are the two Baltimore meetings:

The interior of the earlier meeting house, on Aisquith Street, where the                The meeting house for the west side of the city, on Lombard Street. Eli and Esther's sons
Balderstons were members at first, and Eli and Esther remained.                          High and Isaiah Balderston transferred  to the new meeting.

At some point there may be a Griffith page, but for now here is a picture of their homestead on Apple Pie Ridge, near Winchester, above the Shenandoah Valley.

In the next generation, there are photographs of several of the children of Eli and Esther (Brown) Balderston.
Martha John Kelso 
            Martha Balderston                    married                 John Kelso                                                       Hannah Balderston, another daughter
Presumably Martha Kelso Dunning was named for her.

A son, Samuel F. Balderston, and Samuel's wife, Martha Ann Griffith Balderston, the daughter of John and Rachel (Hackey) Griffith. Samuel was born 21 November 1810.
                  Martha Ann Griffith Balderston                                    Samuel Fothergill Balderston                          Samuel F. Balderston's favorite chair

Samuel and Martha were married on 11 November 1835 under the care of Hopewell Monthly Meeting, and moved to Bellefonte, in Center County, Pennsylvania. There they attended Centre Meeting (Orthodox) and Samuel taught in the Friends School. Centre Meeting recorded Samuel as a minister.
Hopewell Meeting, 2000 1883 view of Centre Monthly Meeting, Dunnings Creek Quarter

One of the old benches, now on the porch of Hopewell meeting house                John Griffith left money to build a wall around the Hopewell burying ground; it was
                                                                                                            completed in 1870, when the stone mason wrote his initials and date in the wall.

In 1849 Samuel and Martha and their children moved to 1513 Oxford Avenue, Philadelphia, and became active members of the Northern District Monthly Meeting at Sixth and Noble Streets.

Exterior of Northern District of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting at 6th and Noble Streets    interior, with the facing benches where Samuel and Martha sat

Interior looking toward the rear (and main door) of the meeting house                  chair on the left used by a child in the NDMM First Day School, on the right the chair
                                                                                                               used by Lydia Balderston when she taught FDS; the footstool used by Martha when
                                                                                                               she sat on the facing bench because her legs were so short.

By 1882 the Balderstons had moved to 2018 North Twelfth Street, where they remained the rest of their lives. Samuel had a small paper hanging business on Spring Garden Street, in which his sons Isaiah, Marcellus, and Thomas joined him from time to time.

Samuel and Martha had eight children who all lived to adulthood. The oldest was Isaiah Balderston, born 23 July 1837. His first wife, Adelaide Brackney, died 3 November 1885. Isaiah then married Ellen Leiden Dawson. They were resident caretakers of Northern District Meeting until Ellen died in 1912 and the meeting closed in 1913.
              Isaiah Balderston                                      Isaiah's first wife, Adeline                    Isaiah's second wife, Ellen Dawson

Isaiah and his wives had no children. For a while as a widower "Uncle I" lived with his neice, Martha K. (Dunning) and her husband, Charles S. Paxson and their family of lively children. Then around 1915 or 1916 he moved in with Martha's parents, Isaiah's youngest sister, Lydia and her husband Thomas S. Dunning. For a photograph of Isaiah at their Christmas celebration in 1919, click here.
Isaiah's bureau 

Samuel and Martha's second child was John Ely Balderston, born 2 January 1839. He married Rachel S. Fogg on 25 January 1860. They had three children, Samuel F, called "Sammie", who died at the age of 8 years; Martha, called "Mattie", who lived with her widowed mother, and then finally moved to a Friends Home in Germantown; Henry C. who married Alma Day. Henry and Alma lived in Merchantville, NJ and had daughters Corinne and Lillian, and perhaps other children, as well.

Sammie Balderston

Samuel and Martha's third child and eldest daughter was Rachel Esther Balderston, born 12 October 1840. She never married, living with her parents until they died. Her grand nephews and neices called her "Aunt Rachie". After her brother Marcellus's wife died, Rachel lived with him until her death on 5 January 1916.

Samuel and Martha's fourth child was Marcellus Balderston, called by his family "Cellie". He was born 12 November 1842, and married Cecilia I. Wright on 6 June 1876. Cellie was an active member of Northern District Meeting, while Ceci was high church Episcopalian. After her death on 26 October 1903 Cellie lived alone, or occasionally took in boarders. Marcellus was recognized as a minister by Northern District shortly before it closed in 1914. After his father's paper hanging business was closed, Cellie was cashier at the Friends Center at Fourth and Arch until his death in 1935.
Marcellus.."Aunt Ceci"

"Cellie" was active most of his life volunteering as superintendent for the Bethany Mission
Bethany's home on Brandywine St. in Phila.  Uncle Cellie in old age

  Marcellus's bureau and favorite chair 

Samuel and Martha's fifth child and second daughter was Mary Balderston. She married the physician Edward Livezey on 4/5/1866. He was the son of Rachel (Richardson) Livezey, the sister of Sarah (Richardson) Paxson, mother of Charles S. Paxson.
..Dr. Edward Livezey

Mary and Edward Livezey had four children: John, Martha, Henry, and Edward.

John Richardson Livezey married Martha Blair; they had a daughter, Dorothy Livezey who married Leroy Worley.
..Martha (Blair) Livezey

Martha Balderston Livezey married Joseph Willits, and lived in Tom's River, NJ. They had two daughters, Mary and Martha.
Martha Balderston Livezey as a young girl,          and a few years later                                                           Joseph Willits in 1893

Henry Livezey married Anna Little in April, 1899.                     Edward Livezey was the youngest child.
Henry, fall 1889 Edward

Thomas Chalkley Balderston was the sixth child of Samuel and Martha, born 2/9/1848. He married Mary Wetherald on 25 November 1870. They took in Mary's neice, Blanche Wetherald, and raised her from infancy. Mary died on 9 October 1890, and Thomas married Fannie Baynes. She died on 4 April 1909 and Thomas married for a third time on 12 April 1911 Rachel Lockerbie. His Dunning neices and nephews called her "Aunt Rae". Rae's daughter by a previous marriage, Blanche Hildebrand, lived with the family.
Thomas C. Balderston                                          Mary Wetherald                                                        Blanche Wetherald

Blanche Hildebrand, Thomas C. Balderston, and Rachel Lockerbie Hildebrand Balderston.

Samuel and Martha's  youngest child was Lydia Balderston, born 4 December 1849. She married a homeopathic physician, Thomas S. Dunning on 8 October 1872, and they lived to celebrate 68 wedding anniversaries together.
1855, age 6

Thomas was a Methodist, and Lydia was dropped from membership in Northern District Monthly Meeting for marrying outside of the meeting. The couple lived in a three-storey brick row house at 1328 North 15th Street in Philadelphia.
Left picture: House on the right was the Dunning family's, with maid Hattie standing in the door. The house on the left belonged to J. G. Johnson (of the collection in the Philadelphia Museum of Art); he rented it out. In the scene of Fifteenth Street, the picture on the right, the Dunning's house is on the right; the house with the arrow pointing to it was where Helen A. (Child) Shepler grew up.

Over the years their hospitable home welcomed many family members: Thomas's widowed half-sisters, Caroline (Dunning) Woods Jones and Anna (Dunning) Cowgill (Aunt Lina and Aunt Anna); Lydia's widowed brothers Isaiah and Marcellus Balderston (Uncle I and Uncle Cellie); two elderly women who had no families of their own, Hannah M. James (called "Auntie J") and Sarah Kerns; there were also extended stays by their daughter Mary and granddaughter Lucy when William B. Shoe was traveling. For more information on these individuals, see 1328 North Fifteenth Street: the Dunning Family and Its things (© 2008), available here.

Thanksgiving, 1899, photograph by Charles Paxson. Back row from left: the upstairs maid, the coachman, Thomas S. Dunning, Margaret B. Dunning, the cook;
middle row: Dan Clark, Auntie J, Lydia B. Dunning holding Anna Bartlett Dunning, a visiting missionary, Margaret Ann Stevenson Dunning;
front row: Martha K. Dunning, Lydia J. Dunning, Thomas Snively Dunning.


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Mamie Griffith, resting here waiting for a Griffith page:

Mary Newbold Griffith, wife of Richard               Robert Griffith (born 1821)
Sidwell Griffith, son of Rachel (Hackney)
and John Griffith, brother of Martha Ann
Griffith Balderston (above)

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