Photographs of Some Earlier Generations

This page begins with twentieth century photographs of large extended family gatherings. Christmas dinners at the Dunning home in the first three or four decades of the century saw thirty to forty or more relatives and others assembled. Paxson gatherings on the Fourth of July  in Bucks County, and later on New Year's Day saw festive gatherings, with much laughter about plum pudding and hard sauce. There were also banquets hosted by Adeline W. Edmunds Froriep (later Neeld), featuring music, and mock turtle soup and other delicacies.
Christmas Day, 1919, 1328 N. 15th St., Philadelphia
standing in back from left: Hattie, Bud, Elizabeth, Walter Adams, Margaret, ?, ?, Charles Paxson; seated in middle row: Mary Shoe, Caroline (Dunning) Jones Wood, Thomas S., Lydia B., Isaiah Balderston, Moggie, Martie, "Auntie Jay"; bottom row: Dub, Lydia, Charlie Paxson, Lydia Adams, Lucy Shoe, Ruth Dunning, Helen Paxson, Tom Paxson.
Eleven cousins, children of Charles, Anna, and Marion, and descendants of Catharine Paxson's sibling, Emma Paxson Walter. June 8, 1929.
From left: Haines Dickenson, Rod Reeder, Margaret Paxson, Helen Townsend, Mary Dickenson, Charles Paxson, Horace Townsend, James Townsend, Joseph Walter, Paul Townsend, and Walter Dickenson.  Tom and Helen are not pictured. Helen was in Texas that summer, visiting Lucy Shoe.
June 1935
Standing, from left: Charles, Kitty, Jim, Margaret, Horace, Helen, Phil holding Helen II, Anne, Tom; seated: Martie, Arthur, Marion, and Charlie.

For a picture of  four generations of Paxson, Edmunds, and Dunning folks, click here.
June 1944, standing: ?, Mrs. Bennett, ?, Charles, Charles Jr., Kitty, Helen, Phil, Tom, Margaret Flack, Horace, Marion, Hannah holding Horace Jr.; seated: Jim, Enid, Mary Scarborough Paxson, Martie; front row: Alison, ?, Phil, ?, Helen with Marty in front, Dick. Missing: Anne, Sue, and Tom Jr.


1982 Paxson reunion

Celebrating the 300th anniversary of the arrival of the Paxson family in Pennsylvania.
Descendants of Charles S. Paxson

Descendants of Marion Paxson and Arthur P. Townsend, 1982 . I need help identifying these folks.

Aunts and Uncles

Charlie, Helen, Kitty, Phil, and Heather. April 5, 1987.

This page started out divided into four sections, one for each great grand parents' birth family. The purpose is to post photographs, not to give genealogical information. The assumption is that the few people who look at this page will be familiar with who these people are. However, it has gotten too big and unwieldy. At this time, it only contains the two Paxson families. Click on Balderston, Dunning, Edmunds or Paxton to see photographs of those families.

We will start with the oldest photographs I have, and move forward through time. If any reader of this page has access to photographs to add to this collection, they would be very much appreciated.
"Lily of the Valley"
"Spear Thistle"

Block prints by Anne E. G. Nydam

William Rodman Paxson's Forebears

Following are photographs of the Paxson forebears and some other family members related to William Rodman Paxson. His wife's maiden name was also Paxson, and her family will be found in the next section.
John Paxson, father of Samuel Harrison Paxson, is the first Paxson generation of which I have an image. His portrait was painted as president of the board of the Farmers and Tradesmens National Bank of Trevose and hung in the bank for many years (before mergers obliterated its identity).

Mary Paxson, 
daughter of John and Sarah (Pickering) Paxson (I think!) May Livezey and Miss Rowlett: I think the latter married William Henry Paxson,
                                                                                                            brother of Samuel H. Paxson, but this photograph may not be of her. The costume
                                                                                                            is too 1890s to match a woman of an earlier generation.

Samuel Harrison Paxson

father of William Rodman Paxson, taken ca. 1863

Sarah Richardson Paxson

mother of William Rodman Paxson Click on Richardson for pictures of her family.

Anna R., W. Rodman, Sarah R., Sallie, Samuel H. Paxson  (the two older children are absent)              William Rodman Paxson, father of Charles, Anna, and Marian

John Paxson, oldest son of Samuel H. and Sarah (Richardson) Paxson

Anna. Sara. Thomas
Anna (Paxson) Palmer, 2nd daughter of                     Anna's daughter Sara E. Palmer                         Sara's husband Dr. Thomas L. Allen
Samuel H. and Sarah (Richardson) Paxson

Anna Allen, daughter of Sara and Thomas; Anna died while still a child.

The fourth child of Samuel H. and Sarah (Richardson) Paxson was William Rodman Paxson, shown here on the left with his family, Anna (aged 13 1/2), Catherine, Charles (age 15 1/2), William Rodman Paxson, and Marion (11 1/2 years). [April 1891]
On the right their three children: Anna (age 6 yrs, 6 mo), Charles (age 8 yrs, 6 mo) and Marion (age 4 yrs, 5 mo)

Charles Small Paxson, son of William Rodman and Catharine Paxson.  Taken in 1891 when Charlie was 15 years old. On the right a younger Charlie and his sister Anna. Anna R. Paxson                   still to come: photo of Marion
                                             (anyone have one to send me?)

two undated photographs of the Langhorne Friends School, attended by Charles, Anna, and Marion.

Marie and Rod Reeder, Jean Reeder Dew and Thomas R. Dew, 1982
Rod is the son of Anna R. Paxson and William Reeder, Jean is his half sister.

Catherine Paxson and her Forebears

Howard Paxson  Mary (Small) Paxson,
                                                                                                               Wilson Small of Wisc., Mary's nephew?
The Howard Paxson farm in Solebury Township, Bucks County
ca. 1857

Howard and Mary had nine children.

i. Charles S., b. 8 Mar. 1836; m. 12 Mar. 1863 Sarah B. Michener; 1 son: J. Howard.
Although I do not yet have Howard Paxson
a picture of Charles, this one of "Aunt Sallie" may be his wife.             The son of Charles and Sarah

ii. Emeline, b. 19 June 1838 or 1839; m. 4 Mar. 1869 William H. Walter; 2 sons: J. Horace Walter and Elliott P. Walter.
Emeline.. Horace and Elliot Walter

Horace Walter  Elliott Walter

iii. Watson F., b. 18 Aug. 1840; m. 28 Sept. 1869 Ruth Shaw; 2 daughters, Margaret S. and Mary Scarborough, who wrote Her Book.
Watson F. Paxson. Margaret, age 6, Mary S, age 4

iv. Joseph Armitage, b. 11 Dec. 1842; d. 5 Apr. 1888; m. 13 Feb. 1873 Ada Fell; 3 children: Emma Fell,  the historian Frederic Logan, and Grace (who died young).
Ada Fell Paxson Emma. Frederic L.
   the wife of Joseph A[rmitage] Paxson                      There were several women named Emma F. Paxson,        the historian (who, typical of his era and training did
                                                                           so I am not 100% certain I have put this photo in the      not understand women's or family history). Shown here
                                                                           right place.                                                              in June, 1883, age 6 years and 4 months.

v. Eugene, b. 8 Jan. 1845; m. 23 Nov. 1869 Martha Livezey; 8 children: Samuel L., Elizabeth C., M. Anna, Ruth (d.y.), Watson (d.y.), Edward M., and W. Henry ("Harry"), and Emeline (d. before 1887).
It may be that the photo farther up on this page of "Cousin May" is Martha Livezey. I do not yet know.

vi. Wilson S., b. 14 Mar. 1847; m. 1 Nov. 1871 Jennie Hall; 3 children: George S., R. Ella, and Watson.
Wilson S. Paxson. George (d. April 1896)

vii. Elliott, b. 11 May 1850; d. 1928; m. Mary Haines; no children.

viii. Catherine ("Kate"), b. 24 June 1853; d. 22 Feb. 1912; m. 30 Apr. 1874 William Rodman Paxson. Three children: Charles S., Marion, and Anna.

Green Hill High School in Solebury, ca. 1860, attended by Catherine
Catharine Paxson Paxson, April 1891

ix. Oscar Howard, b. 16 Apr. 1858; d. 20 Sept. 1935; m. 22 Nov. 1881 Laura Busby; 4 children: Joseph A., Catherine, William W., and Herbert.

Click here to see 11 cousins in this branch of the family, taken June 8, 1929.

Thomas Stevenson Dunning and his Forebears

This family now has its own page, to see it click here.
Charles T. Dunning, brother of Thomas Stevenson Dunning
Charles S. Paxson and his wife Martie K. D. Paxson, with her uncle, Charles Dunning, Methodist minister, June 1930. Charles Dunning was one of the ministers who officiated at Charlie and Martie's wedding in 1901.

For a photograph of Thomas S. and Lydia B. Dunning and their daughter Martie, her husband Charlie, son Tom, and his wife Anne and daughter Sue, with Edmunds family, click here.
James Anderson Dunning and Margaret Ann Stevenson Dunning, parents of Thomas Stevenson Dunning, Charles _ Dunning, and James Henry Dunning.

Click here for more Dunning family photographs.

Lydia Balderston Forebears

Lydia Balderston

daughter of Samuel F. and Martha Ann (Griffith) Balderston

Lydia married Thomas S. Dunning.
The Balderston family now has its own page; to see it click here.

Martha Ann Griffith Balderston

and Samuel F. Balderston
parents of Lydia Balderston Dunning. 
Both were recorded ministers in Northern 
District of Philadelphia Monthly Meeting.

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